Courses 2021

20-24.05.2021 Milarepa Guruyoga Retreat

Course Instructor:
Lama Kunga Dorje

Course schedule:
Begins: Thursday 20th May at 7 PM (dinner at 5:30 PM)
Ends: Monday 24th May after lunch

Course fee:
200 Euros [includes all meals and accommodation]

Jetsun Milarepa had committed serious crimes in his youth and killed with black magic a large part of his family, and he was seized by a desperate remorse. He was looking for a teacher who could show him the way to get rid of the entanglement of the never-ending cycle of existence, and found him in his teacher Marpa.
Marpa treated Milarepa with unimaginable severity before giving Milarepa the meditation instructions he desired. By unwavering faith in his teacher and the great energy with which he gave himself in his practice, Milarepa succeeded in acquiring enlightenment in one lifetime. He is famous for his spontaneous poetic songs in which he gave expression to his profound teachings.

Prayer of serious commitment by Jetsun Milarepa

Son of the lineage of Lord Naropa’s path of liberation,
please bless this beggar that he stay in mountain retreats.
Do not be swayed by the demon of worldly distractions
but deepen meditative concentration.
Without getting caught in clinging to Shamatas pond
May the flower of Vipashyana blossom
Unaffected and untroubled by stress and tension,
Let the foliage of simplicity unfold.
Without the slightest discord in my Retreat
Let the fruit reach maturity – experience and realization.
With the demons family powerless to hinder it,
may I gain final certainty to understand my mind.
On the way of skillful means, unclouded by doubt
may the son find his way in the footsteps of his father.
Blessed and compassionate, essence of Akshobhya,
please bless this beggar to remain in mountain retreats.