Course Program

Next to our courses and short-term retreats we offer this year again the possibility for a Three-Year-Retreat. It will start on the Tibetan Buddhist holiday of Lhabab Duchen, which is October 27th, 2021.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic it is unlikely that there will be any empowerments for practices of the Three-Year-Retreat program this year. However, the empowerments are not necessary to start the retreat, they can be taken at a later time.

For the participants of the Three-Year-Retreat there will be a meeting before the start of the retreat. The date for this meeting is not fixed yet.

What is important for the participants of the Three-Year-Retreat is a thorough preparation before the retreat starts in order to avoid interruptions once the retreat has begun. I.e., any health issues should be addressed, necessary treatments should be undertaken before the start of the retreat, then the storage of personal belongings has to be organized etc., and the funding of the retreat as well as of extracosts i.e. for health insurance, storage of belongings etc. has to be arranged. Unforeseen situations can always come up, but a thorough preparation avoids interruptions from hinderances that could have been foreseen. If somebody is not able to raise the costs of the retreat, one has to look for sponsors who can help to finance the retreat. You can always contact the center in case you need some advice regarding retreat preparation.

If you have the deep, unshakable motivation to do the Three-Year-Retreat in order to free all mother beings from the sufferings of samsara, then you will be able to overcome any hinderances for the retreat, even if they might look unsurmountable to you at first. This motivation is the deepest one that can be developed within samsara, and if you develop this motivation for your retreat, all of samsara will stand up and come towards you for aid! EMAHO!