Course Program

Short Retreats from the Three-Year-Retreat Program:

Starting with the Vajrakilaya Retreat from 11-14.06.20, we want to offer a series of short retreats, which introduce some practices of the Three-Year-Retreat Program. These short retreats are ment for practitioners who have not enough time to perform the full-length Three-Year-Retreat. We get regularily contacted by practitioners who ask for the possibility to perform short retreats, which can be better integrated into their working and family life. Therefore, the weekend courses will only have teachings on Friday evening, the rest of the course will be spend with practice.

We also offer the possibility to extend the courses by an arbitrary number of days, or to pick a separate time frame, in order to deepen these practices in an individual retreat. For the time being, we will have no restrictions anymore with regard to the minimum stay for retreat here in Halscheid.

Our motivation to offer this are the three great opportunities: it is beneficial for our students, it is beneficial for the Dharmacenter, and it is beneficial for all sentient beings as a whole. It is our explicit wish to keep the traditional orientation of our center. Therefore, the retreat rules have to be strictly kept even for short-term retreats.

We also recommend these short retreats as a preparation for the actual Three-Year-Retreat, which will start on 07.11.20, but participation is not obligatory for the participants of the Three-Year-Retreat, except for the courses 11-14.06.20 „Vajrakilaya Retreat“, 18-20.09.20 „Ritual Workshop for the Daily Practices“ and 30.10.-01.11.20 „Preparation for the Three-Year-Retreat“.

The course will be as follows:
11-14.06.20 Vajrakilaya Retreat
26-28.06.20 Ngondro Retreat
10-12.07.20 Milarepa Guruyoga Retreat
24-26.07.20 Shine/Lhaktong Retreat
28-30.08.20 Chod Retreat
18-20.09.20 Ritual Workshop for the daily practices in Halscheid
16-18.10.20 Karma Pakshi Guruyoga Retreat
30.10.-01.11.20 Preparation for the Three-Year-Retreat

The Three-Year-Retreat will start on the Tibetan Buddhist holiday of Lha Bab Düchen, on 07.11.20.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, it is not clear yet whether there will be empowerments given this year with regard to the Three-Year-Retreat practices, but it is also not necessary to have these empowerments in order to start the retreat. The empowerments will then be conferred at a later time.


Further courses planned for this year:
26.12.20-01.01.21 Amitabha Retreat with Lama Kunga